Policies & FAQ

We love shapes, light, and geometry! All of our lanterns are made at Idea Fab Labs in Chico, California.



We build each piece to order and this sometimes takes over a week. We ship out in batches once per month.

If you are an international customer, please contact us before you purchase. We haven't done that part yet.


We make each peace to order with care and consideration. We most likely cannot accept returns or give refunds. If a piece is damaged when it arrives or a light won't turn on or seems to be malfunctioning, please contact us immediately and we will work out the best solution.


What materials are they made of?

Lasercut wood, usually painted white! There is also a programmable Arduino chip and some RGB LED pixels.

What are the lights and how long to the bulbs last?

The lights are standard WS2801 RGB LED Pixels [datasheet]. As far as we know they last for many, many years. We have had some on for over four years now with no problems. They use 5 volts and consume very little power when plugged in.

Can you make a custom design?

Probably so! Let us know what you're thinking.